Water Engineering


We are a group of 4 academics, and a vibrant and growing number of Research Fellows, PhD students, supported by past members.

Dr Derek Clarke
Dr Derek Clarke's photo

Lecturer in Water Resources. Research interests include water use in the UK and overseas, including extreme events such as floods, water resources, shallow groundwater, soil-vegetation impacts on slope stability for roads and railways and the management of irrigation water delivery. Other interests include simulation of tides and floods in estuaries and the impact of sea level rise on flood risk, including sea level change implications for the UK’s New Nuclear Build programme. (see more)

Dr Gustavo de Almeida
Dr Gustavo A. M. de Almeida's photo

Lecturer in Civil Engineering. Research interests include river hydraulics, morphodynamics and engineering. He particularly focuses on the development of methods that improve our ability to understand, predict and mitigate the consequences of floods. (see more)

Dr Sergio Maldonado
Sergio Maldonado

Lecturer. Research interests include fundamental aspects of mechanics of sediment transport and morphodynamics of open channels, coastal protection provided by vegetation and development of measurement techniques applied to fluid dynamics. He is also interested in bridging together fundamental scientific findings and final engineering applications in environmental fluid mechanics. (see more)

Dr Gerald Müller
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Associate Professor. Research interests include renewable energy (e.g. low head hydropower, wave energy, steam engines, solar thermal collection) and historic technology. (see more)